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Search PRONI Freeholders


To carry-out a search, input the search criteria in the appropriate field(s) - then click the Search button. The key fields in our main Freeholders search are as follows:
• Surname *This is our Recommened method
• Forename
• Address
Out of these three fields, only one is required but all can be input to help refine the search.

Searching is also possible by the following:
• Occupation of Freeholder
• Name or Address of Landlord
• County
• Parish
• Date of Registry
• or by Candidates.

Addresses can be difficult to search with, in some cases, only the name of the town or city is given, whereas in other cases, the street is given and the town is not.

Refining your Search: you are able to enter more than one search criteria. Refinement of your search is highly recommended in order to restrict the amount of results which are returned, bringing them to a much more managable number, e.g. searching simply for Wilson as the Surname may return thousands of results, whereas adding in Michael for the Forename may return much less.

Wildcard Search: the term a 'wildcard' search facility exists by using the wildcard character *, e.g., inputting Bally* in the field for Addess - this will retrieve addresses such as Ballycross, Ballymena or and Ballymoney. The wildcard search feature can be used in any of the following: Surename, Forenam and Address.

Sort Search Results: The order in which you would like your results to be displayed is up to you - by entering the values 1-3 as required: 1 is the first sort order, followed by 2, etc. An example would be if you were to search 'Smith' with a sort order of 1 against the Address field, then the Smiths would be listed alphbeticallys in the Address order.

Download Viewer: Images are able to be viewed as 'png' - a web optimised version of the document. Alternatively, they can be viewed as 'DjVu' - an image of the original scanned document. To view images using DjVu, you must have downloaded and installed a DjVu viewer. You are able to download the view by clicking on the DjVu download button which can be found on the Results page.

Other Features

• Selection of the Clear button will reset all search fields to their default values.

• You can specify the number of Results per Page by selecting a different value from the drop-down menu. The default value of 10 can be changed up to a value of 50.

• When a set of results has been returned, these results can be changed and modified with the Modify Search button at the bottom of the results page. This allows for data to be added or taken away from your search - all data you've already input will remaine in their fields.

• When an image has successfully opened, you are able to save this image if you wish. Simply right-click on your mouse when the cursor is hovering over the image and Select the ‘Save File As’ option, name the file and save as a DjVu image.

• If you wish, you are able to print your image(s) - again, simply right-click and then click on the Print button.

General Information

If you have any corrections you wish to submit, please click on the 'Data Amendments' link which can be found on the main PRONI page, just before clicking on the search feature. Try clicking the link in the navigation bar and you should be able to see it on that page. You will have the opportunity to submit comments and/or corrections.